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Write a Poem, He Said (as if it were that easy)

Write a poem, he said As if it were that easy I can’t, I said I don’t know what to write one about. Life, he said, Write a poem about life. So I tried “Life, though incredible is Sometimes like a game-show quiz Or and ad selling New Improved Biz And really isn’t at all a whiz” I showed my mother And asked her advice Beauty, she said. Write a poem about beauty. So I tried “Beauty, a quality so wonderfully rich Is only bestowed on the likes of…” But I couldn’t find a rhyme for “rich” At least not one I’d be willing to write. I showed my father He laughed. Then he said Write a poem about your everyday routine So I tried “While Mom set the table in a rush My dad reached over and pinched her tush” I couldn’t show that to anyone.  So I forgot the advice About life and beauty and routine And I started writing And i kept writing And something (I’m not exactly sure what) Happened  (c) Copyright 1985, 2024, Kevin Cheek

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