Man and Bear

(with apologies to Robert Frost)

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
But I being quite a stubborn jack
Hesitated briefly while I stood
And thought neither suited very good
Therefore I decided to bushwhack

I crashed and hacked to make my own way
To carve a path and build my own trail
I fought the woods through the whole long day
'Til ursine form appeared in my way
And I then knew I had to turn tail

By fear I was driven without mind
I managed to escape at a cost
Down hillsides through brambles I flew blind
My way back I surely could not find
I knew I was now well and truly lost

If a woman cares to venture there
And force her way through the undergrowth
She should have some caution and beware
These woods may hold both lost man and bear
She'd be wiser to avoid them both.


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