I took my dog Charley
(he's more friendly than snarly)
And went to drink barley
Brewed with some hops.

Oh those glasses of dubbel
They foam and they bubble
We get home without trouble
He knows all the stops.

The bartender's pup
He counts every cup
That we sit and drink up
With our noses aglow.

The dog's name is Steve
And he gives no reprieve
When it's time to leave
He barks till we go.

The blind man's old hound
Stays alert for the sound
That soon comes around
When his man starts to snore.

With his head on the table
The man is quite stable
And the dog is now able
His charge to ignore.

The cop has a beagle
That's sharp as an eagle
And knows just what's legal
When we misbehave.

The dishwasher's poodle
Has charm by the oodle
And likes to canoodle
With the pup of that knave.

The evening starts dull
Than a rap on my skull
Brings an end to the lull
And the blows start to fall.

With a punch on the nose
It's soon these against those
In a hard rain of blows
As it turns to a brawl.

There's a jerk with brass knucks
And a dude with numchucks
It just kind of sucks
When our wits start to roam

It's no longer fun
When the blood starts to run
But when all's said and done
Our dogs take us home.

Poem and image copyright © 2019, Kevin A. Cheek


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