Travel Proposal

I see ya and I hear ya
I long to be right near ya
So let's go on vacation somewhere in Iberia

My beautiful sweet kitten
I'll buy you a new mitten
Before we go vacationing in wintertime in Britton

You're my precious doll
My everything, my all
So let us rent a cabin by Niagara Fall

Or how about instead
An elegant king bed
In a super elegant resort on Hilton Head

You have so much to teach
You're near beyond my reach
And so I long to see you relaxing on a beach

I love to see you dance
Your movement will entrance
So let me take you dancing to a club in France

The things that we'll be seein'
On vacation bein'
When we're island hopping in the Caribbean

I'll always be your man
So let us make a plan
To travel most extensively all throughout Japan

Poem (c) 2019, Kevin Cheek


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