Come and Walk 'Round the Lake With me

Each morning my dog Charlie and I will go out for good long walk 'round the lake
I'm beginning to learn the names of the dogs of the people we meet every day
We stop and we chat while the dogs bark and jump about with their tails wagging in play
This ritual gives us a start on the day, and it's worth every minute it takes

When it's gorgeous and clear I stare at the mountains that dominate much of the view
When cloudy and gray I can't call it gloomy, I just watch the clouds march 'cross the sky
I marvel that we have such places as this in such close walking distance nearby
And my only wish is that you'd take my hand and go walk round the lake with me too

We'd laugh at the geese as they sit on the ice arguing about when to take flight
We'd look at each other as much as the view, I'd be lost in your beautiful smile
We'd walk and converse and solve the world's problems, just enjoying ourselves all the while
And then go again when the evening is done and go walk 'round the lake every night

This time we could spend, just the dog and ourselves, enjoying being such good company
No looming deadlines or overlong task lists, ignoring the cares of daily life
Just being ourselves, relaxing together, more than just parents, husband and wife
Because deep in our core that is who we are, a couple that's always been meant to be.

Poem and image (c) 2020, Kevin Cheek


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