Every mile brings a smile
when I'm driving with the top down
Seats of leather, any weather
with sky above I cannot frown

A canyon drive will help me thrive
when autumn leaves are turning red
Through summer's heat or winter's sleet
with a ski cap on my head

Topless touring so alluring
that I'm unable to resist
Lightly raining? No complaining
My car stays open to the mist

I drive around and hear the sound
unblocked by roof or window glass
Is it a sin to wear a grin
and wave at everyone I pass?

Why should I care if people stare
when I'm beside them at a stop
Aging iron my environ
in my antique German rag-top

My Jurassic drop-top classic
quite unreliable but fun
And oh what joy for aging boy
each time I get that car to run

Poem  (c) 2020, Kevin Cheek 
Image (c) 2019, Kevin Cheek


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