Shared Dreams of the Stars

When I was a kid I dreamed of the stars
I wanted to go to the moon
And more so I did dream about mars
and thought we would get there quite soon

The books that I read imagined we would
have scientists living there now
And in my head I thought that I could
join them them if I could learn how

Apollo Eleven when I was just four
gave to a whole generation
A new kind of heaven, a vision of more
homes than this one floating station

Drifting through space, a single biome
orbiting one lonely star.
Our human race will have more than one home
spread out through systems afar.

Fortunately minds far greater than mine,
a virtual scientist's nation
Are trying to see, to unravel the line
and to unlock our destination

We all share the dream that someday we may
find homes around more than one sun
Then it will seem on that future day
that our place in the stars we have won

In lands without end for all of time
long after this one world is gone
We will transcend in every new clime
humanity will cary on.

To the authors whose books have nourished our minds
Like filling up dry reservoirs
And guided our looks to discover new finds
I am grateful for shared dreams of stars!

(image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Poem (c) 2020, Kevin A. Cheek


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