Untimeless Rhymeless

Today I'm feeling vaguely rhymeless
I hope this feeling isn't timeless
In fact I hope it's gone before tomorrow

'Cause if I give up writing verse
I might wind up feeling worse
Incomplete in inexpressive sorrow

So maybe I can prime the pump
And give myself a rhyming bump
By rhyming about rhyming while I walk

'Cause writing poems that are meta
Might just get me feeling betta
(Let's hope that no one hears me while I talk)

For every rhyme I strain to find
Could stimulate my rhyming mind
Combining words in ways that might surprise

And poems written just for sound
Don't ever have to sound profound
They're just a challenge to which I can rise

I can't pretend it's something serious
Or that without I'd be delirious
Rhyming's just a habit I enjoy

I just like playing 'round with words
And writing verses most absurds
The English language is my favorite toy

Words (c) 2020, Kevin Cheek
Image (c) 2017, Kevin Cheek


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