Too Stressed to be My Best

I am really feeling kind of stressed
This is not a feeling I like best
Like dreaming that I'm unprepared to take a major test
And that I've arrived at school to find that I'm undressed

Stress gives me an awful attitude
In this state I'm not a graceful dude
Things that I will try to say are often misconstrued
And the people I encounter think I'm being rude

This is really not the way to be
And I'm sure that you will all agree
If you know me well and saw me you would surely see
Stress is blocking my attempts to be a better me

I should take some time off to relax
Cut my stress off with a gentle axe
My brain is running circles of the kind that overtax
And my burden of concerns is loaded to the max

I should really try to find some peace
From this stress I need to gain release
Maybe go out fishing with a nephew or a niece
But could wasting time help me make all my worries cease?

I should take the dog out for a walk
But my deadlines always make me balk
When my worries and concerns begin to creep and stalk
I should tell them to the dog, he listens when I talk

One thing sure to give my stress a shove
Make it fly away just like a dove
And calmly bring me to the center that I'm dreaming of
Is the time that I spend with the woman that I love


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